About Hartford Engineering

Hartford Engineering is a professional mechanical and plumbing engineering firm comprised of experienced and dedicated engineers who maintain a high standard of ethical behavior and professional values.

Our clients count on our knowledge, technical innovation and vision.

Our clients trust us and respect us for our commitment to their goals and objectives.

Our clients depend on us to know and implement applicable codes, OSHPD requirements, and engineering fundamentals.

Our clients count on us to provide thoughtful, calm and unbiased advice. We listen to our clients via a simple, although oftentimes forgotten concept called "active listening".

The leadership of Hartford Engineering has over 36+ years of individual engineering and construction experience that lends credibility to all consultation offered.

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Professional Values

  • Equality - maintain the same standard for everyone
  • Self-Control - maintain your emotions "in-check"
  • Respect - treat everyone with the dignity they deserve
  • Responsibility - be accountable for your actions
  • Honesty - always tell the truth
  • Promise-keeping - be true to your word
  • Fidelity - be faithful to your work, each other and to yourself, even when the going gets tough
  • Trust - feel safe and comfortable with each other
  • Justice & Fairness - always take the "high" road